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Claas  LLC “Mirovaya Technika” — authorized dealer

"Mirovaya Technica" company is glad to inform its clients that they can always use the services of our open bonded warehouse in the village of Yurish, Saratov region. We are ready to offer you responsible storage of not only customs cargo, but also cargo in free circulation.

The advantages of a bonded warehouse

The main reasons why customers place goods in an open bonded warehouse:

  • Lack of funds for the customs clearance or expectations of a more favorable exchange rate;
  • Lack of permits or other necessary supporting documentation and the time limit for storing goods in a temporary storage warehouse is about to expire;
  • The cost of storage in a bonded warehouse is cheaper than in a temporary storage warehouse;
  • Absence of administrative violations in case of false description of goods and HS code since there are no customs payments. It is convenient when clearing goods with a disputable HS code when there is limited time to obtain a preliminary classification decision on the goods.

Bonded warehouse facilities:

  • An unheated, covered storage area of 1,730 square meters, which is used only for customs cargo;
  • An open guarded area with a capacity of 10 trucks;
  • Modern machinery for loading and unloading, among which:
    • Truck crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons;
    • 3.5 ton Manitou loader with 5 m reach.
  • Railway line with a capacity of 6 wagons, as well as a platform for unloading 3 covered wagons and a platform for unloading 3 open gondola cars or platforms;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Video surveillance system;
  • System of motion sensors along the perimeter of the warehouse;
  • Armed guards to ensure maximum security.


For all questions related to the placement of goods in the warehouse, you can contact You can contact the specialist in foreign economic activity Nikita Terekhov +7 917 023 1919 n.terekhov@ mirtech.ru, v.polyakov@mirtech.ru