In order not to let the next maintenance catch You unawares in the most crucial period of field works, “Mirovaya Technika” together with our partner “Infobis” company offer our clients unique online monitoring system based on GPS/GLONASS. The system produces proactive informing about upcoming compulsory maintenance (on base of online monitoring software “Agrosignal”). Equipment setting up is conducted by our customer service qualified specialists without violation of the producer’s warranty terms.

Additional advantages of online monitoring system:

  • Fuel flow control;

  • Agricultural vehicle location control;

  • Equipment time-out and productive operative time control;

  • Possibility of additional hardware connection for combine harvester milling measuring;

  • Exact interactive maps of farm fields generation;

  • Remote diagnostics implementation and condition of power-generating sets control;

  • Economy of consumption: time-out problems solution connected with compulsory maintenance (has the direct money equivalent as reduction of expenses on maintenance and service from 10 to 15%).